8,311 Miles

“You go so far west that you’re east!” Alice. 8,311 miles, four airports, and an international date line later I have found myself in the (literal) middle of a surreal, beautiful country that has already taken my breath on multiple accounts. The final leg of my flight was tiring, but as we flew into Wellington, I was awakened by the unreal sights of New Zealand’s physical beauty. Guys, I cannot even tell you.

I want to share Bruce and Alice with you all because they’re so incredible! Instantly, they are family and never thought twice about accepting me as one of their own. What a way to be welcomed into a country. I feel less estranged! They’ve already exposed me to all kinds of treasures/differences and it’s only day two! And my, is that a game saver… they fill me in on the (many) vernacular gaps. Crisps are categorically chips, pudding is dessert, cheers may mean you’re welcome or excuse me or several other things, long black is a type of coffee, and the list goes on… This will be fun 🙂

More updates soon. Love, your temp Kiwi.

LA Drop-by

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Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset IMG_4523 New-Zealand-physical-map