Emerson said, “though we travel the world over to find the beautiful,we must carry it with us or we find it not.” I hold these words close to my heart as I set out on this life altering, blessed experience. I have the incredible opportunity to spend the next 117 days in Florence, Italy, or should I say, Firenze, Italia! The magnitude of my gratitude is more than I could ever convey to you, grateful to God, my dear family, friends, and Berea for making this a possibility. I have spent the past months working on my Italian phrases, “Ciao bella!” and squeezing in research whenever possible. I am wonderfully prepared, yet not prepared at all, hence the beautifully unpredictable nature of traveling to the unknown. I hope this to be only the beginning of such globetrotting endeavors! My only plan is to roll with the punches. Some of the most valuable advice that I have received from loved ones is to take risks and love everyday like you’ve never loved before. My writing in this blog will be raw emotion, unfiltered thoughts and explanations, thus, please forgive grammatical errors and enjoy. I intend to take you along on this crazy, unforgettable journey. Here’s to the next four months, the challenges, and cultivation of my European self. All my love and see you on the other side! ♥


5 thoughts on “Italy

  1. You do carry beauty inside you Gracie…as is your name, Grace: a virtue from our Creator, which is unmerited divine guidance given to us for our regeneration and sanctification! Enjoy and be safe. Dad


  2. Gracie you are amazing! What a dream and way to go after it! Following your blog will certainly become one of my hobbies…I love your pictures. It must be such a beautiful place, and it suits you! ~love, Nancy


  3. Absolutely fun looking through your eyes!!! Thanks for the great piks , especially the beer cooler….lol. So glad you are finding the heart of traveling. Tim


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